Tips to Reduce Lags on Roblox

Lag means something you commonly experience when playing a match on Roblox. One of the known sort of lag is “Server Lag”. This sort of lag is when you are seeing delays or gamers freezing (Not Moving) in an awkward way but you aren’t having any of those.

Lag frequently happens with slow internet connections, slow/old computers etc

Now, back to the subject. There are ways to reduce or even prevent lag.

Closing Unused Programs
Some programs might interfere your gameplay. Even music may create lag. So I advise you to close any unused running programs.

Lowering Material Quality
You may alter the material quality to low. Follow the steps to do so.
1. Open Roblox Studio
2. Proceed to “Tools>Settings” (Top Left of your screen)
3. Click OK
4. Click on “Rendering” on the popped up window

This should increase your gameplay functionality in Roblox.

Lowering Graphics Quality
This is really simple. While you’re in-game, open your Game Menu. It can be found on the bottom left of your screen. It ought to have a very small house and a word saying “Menu” under it. The shortcut to open it is pressing on the Esc button on your computer.

As soon as you’ve opened it, click Game Settings. Start looking for something named Graphics Quality. If the auto button is crossed, uncross it. Then drag the triangle towards “Faster”.

This makes everything less detailed but improves your gameplay performance.

Reconnecting/Rejoining a Game
This is most frequently used only when you’re using a “Server Lag”. I’ve explained about the server lag in the introduction part of this post. Anyways, what you do is you leave the game and re-join/click Play. Simple as that.

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