Best Mage Heroes in Mobile Legends

In a team at Mobile Legends, it will definitely need a mage in it. This will happen Mage will be a good support, especially Mage itself has a wide range of attacks and also a good stun skill.
Speaking of the Mage hero, this time Jaka has information for you all 5 of the best Mage heroes in Mobile Legends. Some of the skills that have been able to slow the movement. Curious what? Please refer carefully to the following article.

1. Eudora

Who does not know this one Mage? Eudora is arguably the best Mage hero most used today. One of Eudora’s advantages is her multi-targeted skill, where she is able to attack more than one enemy at the same time, arguing that these enemies are in close proximity. Of course, this will be very useful when in the 5 vs 5 war when the game ends.

2. Aurora

Aurora is very fitting figure of a Mage. No different from Eudora, Aurora also has multi-target skills and has the ability to make opponents stun long enough. If you find this Hero, I suggest quickly do not get too close if you do not want to get stunned.

3. Vexana

For Vexana, according to Jaka similar shape similar to Eudora and Aurora. But if in terms of damage, damage Vexana can not be trivial. If you meet Vexana in the opposing team, you can say your team will be quite difficult to fight. Moreover, if in your team does not have a Tanker.

4. Cyclops

The next Mage Hero is Cyclops. Cyclops is a bit different from the third Mage above was due to Cyclops’s skill is single-target. For one on one is not bad, but it will be quite difficult if the enemy opponent more than one. The uniqueness of this Mage is its Ulti capable of locking the opponent so the opponent can not move anywhere.
In addition, if Ulti Cyclops has taken aim, then wherever the enemy runs, it will certainly remain confined. Cyclops also has the ability to create bubbles around it, where these bubbles can to protect themselves from enemy attacks.

5. Harley

Harley is one of the heroes who just released a few months ago and is quite popular lately. Harley is suitable to be a good Mage and Support, but not easy to use Harley.
For beginner players may be difficult to kill with this hero, but if you meet Pro Player, then Harley would be very inconvenient. What’s more, Harley has teleportation skills, which will make it hard to get or kill him.

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