5 Most Challenging Offline RPG Games For Android 2018

Role Playing Game or commonly abbreviated RPG is a genre that gives players complete freedom to ‘play’ in the fantasy world provided. Players can spend tens of hours to improve the character stats, uncover mysteries in the basement, to fight against the dreadful cool monsters. Well, the RPG genre itself has been widely applied to the games based on Android. The good news, RPG games can be played without internet alias offline. Make you confused as well as curious about the best RPG game for Android.
1. Shadowrun: Dragonfall – DC
Shadowrun: Dragonfall is a classic cyberpunk themed RPG game located in Berlin. In this game, Berlin is described as a city inhabited by various fantasy races like elves, trolls, and also orcs. This game combines an interesting story with a complex, but exciting, turn-based combat system . Weapons and other features in this game are also anti-mainstream because Shadowrun: Dragonfall more emphasizes the world of technology than the wizarding world.
2. Baldur’s Gate II Enhanced Edition
The game developed by Beamdog is one of the best RPG games for PC and has now been made Android version as well. As the name suggests, Baldur’s Gate II Enhanced Edition contains a lot of new content combined with fantastic graphics. This game is arguably the best representation of RPG concept game AD & D (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons). Many argue that Baldur’s Gate II is the best RPG game for Android today.
3. Lineage II Revolutions
Lineage II Revolutions is a version of the mobile from MMORPG game origin Korea is very popular. Netmarble as a developer really encourages this mobile game to be known internationally through advertising with a fairly large budget. Visually, this game looks rich and charming. What’s more, the concept of an epic battle that can involve more than 100 fighters also makes this game more cool and dominating.
4. Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic
Many Android gamers out there who agree that Star Wars themed RPG games are always successful in the market, and one of them is Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic or commonly abbreviated DIRTY. This game offers a storyline thousands of years before Star Wars: A New Hope, where your character is involved in a galaxy conflict. The option of being a good or evil person is also available in this game. A smooth combat mechanics and good controls make the game even more perfect.
5. Tempest
Unlike most RPG games involving the fantasy world, Tempest seems to be ‘stand-alone’ because it injects a pirate element in it. Players will then fight against other pirates, looking for treasure till get a better ship. At the beginning of this game, control will be difficult, but can easily be mastered after a few minutes of play. In addition, Tempest also provides a wider playing experience with fantastic graphics and long playability.
6. Pocket Morty’s
Pocket Morty’s does not offer a battle system like an RPG game in general. However, this game can be an alternative to Pokemon games, because its gameplay -centered on hunting and fighting between characters. Players can spend most of their time to train ‘Mortys’ or fight against other Mortys. From time to time, this game will feel boring but has a high value of ‘replay’ thanks to the humor and style that is typical.

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