10 Best Selling Games of All Time

Playing games certainly cannot be released from human life today. Call it Mobile Legends game or Arena of Valor (AoV) which is being played by young generation today. Video games began to flourish since the late 70s . Game continues to advance and grow thanks to the support of increasingly sophisticated technology. Even some of them can achieve a fantastic sales record . Here are the 10 best-selling game of all time.
1. Tetris – 170 Million
Tetris occupies the first position as the best-selling game of all time thanks to sales of 170 million copies . Tetris developed by Elektronorgtechnica and published Spectrum HoloByte was first released in 1984. Until now Tetris games are available on various platforms that you can play.
2. Minecraft – 122 Million
Then followed by Minecraft who occupied the second position with sales of 122 million copies. Minecraft itself first release in November 2011 with the developer and publisher of Mojang. Minecraft is also available on various platforms, from desktop to mobile with Minecraft: Pocket Edition games.
3. Wii Sports – 82 Million
Wii Sports occupies the third best-selling game of all time with the number of downloads of more than 82 million copies. Although its position has been followed by Minecraft, great game is only available on one platform only, namely Nintendo Wii. Wii Sports released in November 2006 achieved fantastic sales thanks to an actractive gameplay.
4. Grand Theft Auto V – 80 Million
The next position is the Grand Theft Auto V or GTA V series with sales of up to 80 million copies . Rockstar’s gameplay became the fifth series of GTA’s popular games. Gliding in 2013, this game is available on various console and PC platforms . Although not yet launched its new series, GTA V is predicted to continue to grow its sales as many MOD are present .
5. Super Mario Bros – 40 Million
Then there’s the iconic Super Mario Bros game with sales of 40 million copies .The game that revolves around the adventure plumber, Mario and Luigi is sliding in 1985. Remarkably in that era, Super Mario Bros. has recorded a fantastic sale for games that run on Nintendo Entertainment System console (NES).
6. Mario Kart Wii – 36 Million
Occupying the sixth position, Mario characters re-recorded the name in the list of best-selling games with Mario Kart Wii with the number of sales in the entire world to 36 million copies . This time Mario does not destroy bricks and fight mushroom guys. You will be brought to the world of race cars with the world of Mario characters in it.
7. Wii Sports Resort – 33
Rows of Nintendo Wii games do not seem to get bored fill the best-selling game list of all time. The next position is occupied by Wii Sports Resorts with total sales of up to 33 million copies . This game was released in 2009 and as a sequel and successor of the first series, Wii Sports in 2006.
8. Pokemon Red, Green and Blue – 31 Million
The next position is filled with Pokemon Red, Green and Blue series developed by Game Freak and published Nintendo on the Game Boy console. The first game series released in February 1996 was successful sales of more than 31 million copies . With simple graphics and role-play adventures , you are required to explore Kanto with Ash characters.
9. New Super Mario Bros – 30 Million
Then there is the latest adventure game series Mario and Luigi in New Super Mario Bros. released in 2006 and with sales of 30 million copies . With more captivating graphics, you can feel the world of Mario with various improvements on the Nintendo DS console. Not just adventure, in this game you can also play a number of mini-games that unfortunately if passed just like that.
10. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – 30 Million
Last in the best-selling game series of all time is The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim successfully sold 30 million copies . His position is almost parallel New Super Mario Bros. with a difference of about 50 thousand copies. The games available on these platforms offer a Skyrim world experience that does not seem to fit just once.

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